Studio Owner: Suzanne Gardner

The studio is owned and operated by Suzanne Gardner (formerly Krizanek) aka Krizanek PhotographySuzanne is both model and photographer and even runs photography meetup events, bringing in professional models from all over the country. She's available for hire as a photographer for various genres including model portfolio, boudoir, family portraits, senior portraits, pet portraits, weddings, products and more! Please contact Suzanne if you have any questions. 

Basic Studio Information: 

  • Yes, there is natural light in a couple of areas! In the morning it comes in front window, in the late afternoon it comes in side window and can be reflected to give strong light at backdrop area
  • 64 Upland Ave, Suite 100, Upland, PA [shows up as Brookhaven, PA]
  • 1100 sqft total space; 4 different shooting areas; 9+ ft ceilings where backdrop paper is hung, 8 ft elsewhere
  • 24/7 access
  • Additonal Side-door makes it easier for loading in or for use with canes/walkers
  • AC/Heat
  • Private model area for changing with use of wardrobe, makeup and more
  • Multiple props including full-size bed, posing table, stools & multiple chairs
  • >>Link to even more photos taken at UCS<<
  • >>Link to studio availability calendar<< 
  • >>Link to studio rules<<

Studio Lighting Information:

Current studio equipment includes the following:

  • (4) Alien Bee 800 strobes ; (2) Alien Bee 400 strobes ; (1) DigiBee 800 strobe
    • (2) 32"x40" soft boxes with grids
    • (2) small strip boxes with grids
    • (1) large octobox softbox 
    • (2) 22" beauty dishes w/soft sock diffuser & grid
    • (4) 7" reflector modifiers
    • (3) soft white umbrellas
    • (2) bounce ProFoto reflective umbrellas
    • (5) various grids for 7" reflectors

(1) Alien  Bee ABR800 ring flash strobe

  • (1) grid
  • (1) moon unit softbox 
  • (1) soft sock diffuser
  • (2) 42" round reflectors
  • Misc. needed accessories such as basic triggers, extension cords, Nikon pc sync cords and more
  • Misc continuous light bulbs and setups w/softboxes 
  • Continuous ring light; adjustable power and white balance
  • NEW *Professional Fog Machine*

Studio Backdrop Options:

Current studio backdrops include the following:

  • Backdrop paper rolls: White, Gray, Black, Purple, Teal 
  • Natural walls, solid & cinderblock painted dove grey, others will vary 
  • Cool/Warm tone creative vinyl backdrop up and ready
  • Faux brick backdrop paper up and ready 
  • Vintage paisley warm tone up and ready
  • Black & red moody cloth backdrop up and ready
  • Grey & olive green paper backdrop rolls, 7 ft not hung up but available
  • Blue and white pattern backdrop - for 3/4 body shots only 
  • Vintage floral pattern backdrop - best for 3/4 body shots 
  • Leopard print small backdrop for floor or wall - best for 3/4 body shots or tighter
  • Blue-gray plastic backdrop to use to shoot through - for 3/4 body shots only
  • Mexican serape blanket that can be used on the wall or floor
  • White long cloth (unsure of length) great for the back lighting sets
  • Other misc. long clothes that can be hung (light green with pattern, light blue-gray with pattern, blue/gray/green elegant pattern, yellow with pattern)
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